Marko Stout 


Marko Stout exhibits often include experimental post-new wave (la nouvelle vague) art film installations, with emphasis on the elemental origins of modern urban vision and movement along with a preference for unconventional narrative structure and for his working with non-actors.

"When working with a model I try to provide the basic idea of what we’re going for, a defined sense of meaning, but I like the freedom to capture the aesthetic that appears sublime- that cannot be directed.  My work is providing commentary on the rapid changes in New York society and the over-whelmed urban individual trying to find their place or fit in. My video and other art pieces are designed to really speak to the city dweller... I don’t think people in the countryside would necessarily really get it. A well produced work should hold a mirror to the culture and society where they are made, and my environment is a very urban and a very twenty-first century New York City." - Marko Stout