Marko Stout 


Marko Stout is a multimedia and film artist perhaps best known for establishment of New York City Microcinema, a grittier style of experimental French new wave art cinema with film noir influences. Marko's exhibits usually include video or film installation pieces characterized by unconventional narrative structure and use of ordinary urban women (non-actors). Stout generally presents these works in large installations with the projection equipment often functioning as a dynamic part of the work or installed as a large freestanding projection, where viewers must spatially position themselves around the work, casting their shadows upon the film and thus becoming a dynamic part it.The original sound and background noises are usually subtly retained and edited with fade-outs and fade-ins and the overly of score and sound, exhausting the possibilities of the medium without attempting to produce artificial effects.   

"When working with a model I try to provide the basic idea of what we’re going for, a defined sense of meaning, but I like the freedom to capture the aesthetic that appears sublime- that cannot be directed.  My work is providing commentary on the rapid changes in New York society and the over-whelmed urban individual trying to find their place or fit in. Although I work with many universal archetypes, the works and installation pieces pieces are designed to really speak to the city dweller... I'm not sure people in the countryside would necessarily really get it. A well produced work should hold a mirror to the culture and society where they were created, and my environment is a very urban and a very twenty-first century New York City." - Marko Stout (from an interview in Art World magazine).