"On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"  – Jim Steinman 

No Gods.

Free Your Mind... Its a New Era! Check out highlights from Marko Stout's latest 2016 collection of "Erotic Dreams"

“Urban cool” – Los Angeles Journal
“Echoes of Warhol and Koons” – Luxury Mag.

"Deeply penetrating gritty edge" - BuzzFeed

​"Seductive and sexy" - Miami Times

​Marko Stout’s works are windows to the soul and essence of 21st century city life, bursting with urban patterns, rhythms and vigor.

“Exciting and inspirational” – Huffington Post 
“Vibrant Energy” – CNN

"Grit, energy and excitement" - In Hollywood
“Coolest artist in NYC” – City Talk


No Masters.

​It's a New Era!

The buzz is growing! Marko Stout has moved beyond New York City and is now featured in Miami, Berlin, London and other very cool places!

"Reinventing Pop Art" - Social Magazine 

"Rockstar of the Art World" - New York Journal  

"Quintessential NYC Artist" - Huffington Post  

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