The Buzz!

Marko Stout’s works are windows to the soul and essence of 21st century city life, bursting with urban patterns, rhythms and vigor.

“Exciting and inspirational” – Huffington Post 
“Vibrant Energy” – CNN
“Coolest artist in NYC” – City Talk


Free Your Mind! Check out highlights from Marko Stout's 2016 collection of "Erotic Daydreams"(tm).

“Dazzling and sexy!” – LA Journal Online
“Echoes of Warhol and Koons” – Luxury Mag.

Latest Collection!

It's a New Era!

☮ Free your mind... Erotic Daydreamstm

Cool and Sexy 21st Century Art! 

"The buzz is growing!" Marko Stout has moved beyond New York City and now featured in Miami, Berlin, London and other very cool international cities!"

- The Examiner

"Voyeurism is a director's job description. It's an artist's, too." - Andy Warhol